Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

  • Following orthopedic surgery, individuals are in need of intense physical rehabilitation.
  • St. Matthew’s team of physical and occupational therapists, provided by Aegis Therapies, work diligently to have people up and about as quickly as possible.
  • St. Matthew’s therapy team strives to provide ongoing education to the residents and families about the most effective treatment strategies.
  • An interdisciplinary team of nurses, therapists and the dietitian work together to ensure that the surgical site is healing properly.
  • The patient and family are encouraged to participate in interdisciplinary care plan conferences, which occur every two weeks.
  • Our therapists conduct a home safety evaluation and make recommendations accordingly.
  • Social Services work with the patient and family to ensure that needed home services and equipment are in place prior to discharge.

Skilled nursing care

Pathways offers skilled nursing care to individuals having just completed a stay at the hospital.

  • Individuals receiving their nutrition through alternate means such as G-tube, NG tube or IV will be closely monitored by the dietitian and nurse.
  • Speech therapy may be provided to individuals having difficulties with swallowing.
  • Wound care,including but not limited to pulse lavage, wound vac and e-stim is provided jointly by physical therapy and nursing. In addition to oversight from the primary physician, the wound care team, comprised of a physician specializing in wound care, the dietitian, nurses and therapy, make bi-weekly rounds.

stroke rehabilitation

Following a stroke, or cardiovascular accident (CVA), rehabilitation services are crucial to recovery.

  • St. Matthew’s team of physical, occupational and speech therapists from Aegis Therapies will work with the physician to design a customized treatment plan.
  • The nursing and dietary team work closely to ensure that medical and nutritional needs are met and if possible, exceeded.
  • Alternative diets such as pureed, mechanical soft, low sodium or a diabetic diet are available.
  • Home safety evaluations are initiated by the therapy department to ensure that the home is as accessible as possible.
  • Special equipment such as long-handled reachers and bath benches may be recommended to make returning home a success.
  • Social Services ensure that home health services and needed equipment are in place prior to being discharged from St. Matthew.