St. Matthew Health Center and its organization

St. Matthew Health Center and its organization

Today, everyone is well aware that the patient’s emotional state greatly affects recovery and rehabilitation outcomes. Therefore, it is very important not only to think over the course of treatment and its methods but also to support patients, their leisure time and the opportunity to communicate with family members, friends and other patients.

All these aspects are taken into account in the center of St. Matthew, where you can go through a program for the restoration of the musculoskeletal system. You will receive not only professional treatment, but you will also be able to renew your interests, get support, overcome your fears and oppressed states, which often arise due to health problems.

Wellness programs and more

The Lutheran Church founded the center for better treatment that other conventional medical institutions will not offer you. This religious organization provides not just treatment, but also support for you and your family, active socialization, chapel services and much more.

Volunteers of the center of St. Matthew do a great job so that patients have interesting leisure and all the necessary support. Doctors, priests and volunteers will work with you throughout the course of rehabilitation. But how to organize such work with a significant number of patients?

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