St. Matthew’s Wellness Center: Features and Direction

St. Matthew’s Wellness Center: Features and Direction

Many people get into car accidents, suffer serious illnesses, after which they need special programs for recovery. But a return to ordinary life is not only the restoration of the musculoskeletal system, but also the renewal of interests, social ties and the fight against fears, and sometimes even depression. Therefore, the recovery program should be comprehensive and include both physical and spiritual therapy.

The St. Matthew Center was created at the initiative of the Lutheran Church. This religious organization provides not only treatment, but also support to all those in need of rehabilitation and their families. In addition to quality rehabilitation, you can also get various church services. For example, attend a service, confess, and more.
Volunteering at the St. Matthew Center attracts many young people who organize events for socializing and restoring a familiar social life.

Other services from the center of St. Matthew

As you already understood, St. Matthew is not just a wellness center. Going through rehabilitation there, you will also have various options for leisure activities, a circle for communication, and you will also be able to receive spiritual support. In addition, St. Matthew organizes dinners with a varied menu, compiled according to the recommendations of nutritionists. Near the center there is a beautiful park, also the territory has its own garden and gazebos for those who need shorter walks.

Park center is divided into two parts. One is for a quiet holiday, and the other is for family outdoor events. The center also has a collection of colorful exotic birds that are interesting and pleasant to watch. The rooms for patients have all the amenities, if desired, they can bring things or furniture from the house for a more familiar and cozy atmosphere. The center offers group classes specially designed for older people, including those in wheelchairs. As well as classes in horticultural circles, group games, Bible study, films and more.

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